With over 25 years experience…Mostly Fantasy has been producing prototypes, sculpture, and art in various media for the toy, display, and collectible industries, as well as offering original model kits and figurines. Processes offered include sculpting, molding, and casting, as well as figure finishing/deco/painting. Consulting services also available.

Services offered:

Prototyping services:  Pattern making, Pattern finishing, sculpting, painting, molding, and casting in a wide variety of materials.

Fabrication services: A wide variety of materials offered.

Materials Offered:

Prototyping materials: SLA, Objet, A wide variety of Urethanes.

Sculpting materials: Oil based clay, Water based clay, Polymer clay, Wax, Castilene, Plaster, Epoxy Putty, Polyester.

Molding/Casting materials: A wide variety of RTV silicones (tin and platinum), a wide variety of urethane durometers (“A” to “D” durometers). I offer the creation and duplication of an original, or if you have an original you only want duplicated, I offer those services solely as well.


Cast urethane prototypes are a quick, economical way to create multiples of a part where short-run quantities are required. The RTV molds duplicate textures and details from the master pattern, giving consistent finishes throughout the mold life/cycle. Urethanes are available in a wide variety of mechanical properties, and cast parts can mimic those properties of production parts without investing in expensive production tooling.
• Custom color mixing is available
• Custom finishes are available
• Durometers from 15 Shore A through 90 Shore D


The technology uses a computer guided laser to scan/solidify photosensitive liquid polymer. The resulting product is created in a matter of hours without the need for machining/tooling. The end product can be used for concept models, tooling masters, looks like/feels like display or photoshoot models, or engineering prototypes. The SLA master can also be pattern finished, painted, textured to mimic a production part, or then used as a master for molding/casting.